After producing and manipulating graphics for years, CampAttack turned pro in 2003. The work of this Rotterdam based visual artist is highly distinguishable as he never uses any material he didn't produce entirely by himself. Apart from that his usage of colours could easily be called extreme. Imagery is not narrowed down by a few styles, but varies from stopmotion films to 3D animation, fractals and self written scripting and own produced filters.


From the dancefloor this VJ is usually spotted dancing behind his equipment, translating music into visual art. He adapts his work to atmosphere, rhythm and style of music.



Since 2003 CampAttack has become an institute in the world of goa parties as well as in the progressive scene. One of his more recent projects involves static robots, built from scrap. By making countless stop-motion films, these bots became the star in their own story "War of the Robots". Nowadays they often accompany CampAttack on his travels through Europe, where they make their appearance on the major festivals.

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